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It has often been said, that the people of First Baptist Church Livingston make you feel like you have come home. 


FBC provides a warm, welcoming, and inviting atmosphere that enables you to worship Jesus and experience Jesus in a way that will change your life. So when you ask yourself what can you expect when you come to FBC, expect God to move. Expect God to move in your life, in your family, and even in that situation you think is impossible to fix. Expect to find community that will turn into an extended family, and expect to find a church you can call home.

FBC provides a variety of songs to sing during our worship services. We serve a multi-generational church and love having the chance to share in the experience of worshiping together through music. We sing hymns as well as the popular worship songs of today and always come ready to hear a powerful message from our Pastor, Pastor Jason Robertson. 

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